Sincerely Wrong

It seemed funny to me at first. I had made several laps at the fitness center and noticed that the others were going the wrong way. On the first day of “The Right Weigh” program, I had asked which direction to take on the track. “Clockwise,” was the response.
I was sure I was right. Finally, a couple of young fellows passed me with “Somebody’s going the wrong way.”
“It’s clockwise, isn’t it?” I responded.
“Well, the arrow says the other way today,” they answered. Arrow? She didn’t tell me that they change direction every few days! I was no longer amused. It wasn’t a real serious life crisis, but it was certainly a humbling one. I had a little knowledge, but not enough information.
Two lessons learned here. 1. In our walk with God we need to make sure that, like Saul, we are not blindly persecuting Jesus with our misguided crusades. Am I doing what I want to do for God and in the process hurting Him? Let’s stop, listen to Him and get the complete set of directions. 2. Have the courtesy to say something to a brother or sister who may be (however earnestly) going in the wrong direction. It’s risky, but very important for keeping all of us on track–and in step with the Spirit.

By Rebecca McMillan

As a child of God, blessed with rich spiritual legacies in my family and in my husband, David's family, I want to tell "of the Lord to the coming generation; they shall come and proclaim his righteousness to a people yet unborn, that he has done it." Psalm 22:30-31

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